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Email Consult

Once you purchase your eMail consult and payment is received, you will be contacted by email regarding the eMail session. (Please check your spam or junk mail as well.) This session requires that you send related questions and details of your music\entertainment project(s) or whatever music industry questions you wish to address. Once this is received you will be provided a secure eMail address to send this information to. Upon receipt of your eMail, we will schedule a block of time (usually within a week) to develop a detailed reply. You will be informed as to when to expect the reply.

Be sure that your contact information is correct, including a phone number in case there are technical troubles with the internet/eMail.

Depending on the complexity of your inquiry, sessions may be delayed or rescheduled. Eitherway, we will notify you of our progress to ensure you receive the best possible information to assist you with your music industry interest. Unfortunately, we can not offer REFUNDS for this service.

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Phone Consult

A phone consultation is a great way to get some expert help at about half the cost of an in-person visit. You don’t have to leave your home or get dressed up and is appropriate for a wide variety of situations. We commonly provide phone consultations for music eduction, management/booking, studio design and equipment, tours and recording. Phone consultations work best when you are considering entering the music industry or looking to advance your opportunities.

You will have the opportunity to share your concerns in detail. You will be guided to give a very detailed, relevant history of your music relationship. You will be asked many questions so that you will be able to give an accurate picture of your current situation. You may be asked to send a picture of yourself, group or entity that you represent and a music demo(if applicable and necessary). All of this information will help us provide you the information that is most needed. If qualified, you may be referred to others that can assist you.


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Annual Consultaion Subscription

It's like having a consultant on call. You get the best of both worlds... the convenience of eMail and phone consultations. Limited to 1 each per month (No rollovers). You will have the opportunity to share your concerns in detail by eMail one day and receive a reply by phone as an example. Your monthly subscription would represent a fraction of the rate if you require a considerable number sessions to achieve your goals.

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Talent Buyers & Event Planners

From assisting in securing live entertainment for 1 day to putting together a comprehendsive production schedule, we are here to assist you to the best of our ability to meet your entertainment needs, always performing our responsibilities in a professional and ethical manner.
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